The Fox holds a great deal of significance for our founders. In crafting the mark of MSL, Michael D. Johnson and Brittany M. MacLeod returned to familiar imagery from their collegiate past. 

A symbol traditionally associated with cunning, the Fox holds a more traditional connection to tackling life's challenges with brain over brawn. As our site offers a reflective look at past experiences and insights to lead our readers through the process of mapping out their own paths towards success, the Fox seemed to be a worthy guide.

The shadows obscuring our Fox also hold a special, symbolic meaning. Though they may seem rather ominous, these markings represent the fading of a once vibrant ideal and serve as a reminder that the impressions we make are not always permanent. The goal of making a lasting mark upon the world is a continuous effort.

We hope our Fox will serve as your guide through the process of assessing and shaping your own, personal mark.