The Fox

The Fox holds a great deal of significance for our founders. In crafting the mark of MSL, Michael D. Johnson and Brittany M. MacLeod returned to familiar imagery from their collegiate past. 

A symbol traditionally associated with cunning, the Fox holds a more traditional connection to tackling life's challenges with brain over brawn. As our site offers a reflective look at past experiences and insights to lead our readers through the process of mapping out their own paths towards success, the Fox seemed to be a worthy guide.

The shadows obscuring our Fox also hold a special, symbolic meaning. Though they may seem rather ominous, these markings represent the fading of a once vibrant ideal and serve as a reminder that the impressions we make are not always permanent. The goal of making a lasting mark upon the world is a continuous effort.

We hope our Fox will serve as your guide through the process of assessing and shaping your own, personal mark.

"What's In A Name?"

The meaning of "MSL"

The idea to launch a blog on the leadership and life lessons that one can draw from even the most mundane life experiences and develop a discussion that will guide millennials and other young readers in charting their own life stories stemmed from a project by our co-founder, Michael D. Johnson.

After settling into an elected role in his hometown community as a member of the Montville Township Board of Education, MJ started to piece together notes on the lessons from his past student government involvement that had prepared him for this larger role within his community. After presenting these points to student attendees in the Marist College Emerging Leaders Program, he started to refine his notes into a manuscript.

Memoirs of a Student Leader became his working title for the project, launched in the Fall of 2017. Stemming from the narrative approach he took in sharing his own life lessons, the title carried over into his work with Brittany M. MacLeod to collect the stories of other young leaders, abbreviated over time as simply "MSL".

Since this site first launched in late 2016, the scope of stories and experiences shared has increased rapidly. From world travelers across the globe to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and curious wanderers, it became clear that "Memoirs of a Student Leader" could no longer resonate with such a diverse audience. 

So, the MSL team sought to re-evaluate the brand, asking themselves what this project had grown to express. Our leadership team agreed that the site continued to thrive off of the Many Shared Lessons of its guests, remained committed to Making Stories Last in guiding others to make a mark of their own, and collectively Make Significant Strides in building a discussion on the potential and experience of this up-and-coming generation of leaders. 

In all that we are and all that we do we remain, quite simply, "MSL".