Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Jordan Carter

You've read his story, now it's time to get to know the mind behind the advice. Join us as we pull back the curtain with our latest guest, Jordan Carter.


If you could be "the best", the greatest MVP of all time, in one event, skill, or pursuit, what would it be and why?

          Time management because I'd be able to multitask at such an incredible pace while still allowing myself time to be effective, wherever it matters the most. In reference to my point of 'incredible', this would reflect such a keen approach to any and every task given to me or interests like hanging out with friends or catching up on news across the world.

If you could have your own prime time talk show, what would it be called and who would you like to have as your dream first guest?

          'Carter on Clock'. Much of the content would broadcast breaking news, and foreign affairs or major sports. My dream guest would have to be Hillary Clinton.

You remind us that building a social and professional network is a lot like putting together a puzzle. If you had to describe what your professional network puzzle would look like with one image, which would you choose and why?

          Networking is unique in the sense that it's subjective, yet it's not. At a young age, I didn't really understand when people would sometimes say "it's not what you know it's who you know", but turns out that some of that is in fact true. My professional network puzzle looks like a melting pot of all creeds and colors spilled out on a map. A lot of this represents those who I've met while studying abroad and alluding to my enthusiasm for travel.

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