Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Heather Newman, 1 Lt., USAF

It's time to break the ice with this week's guest, Heather Newman, 1 Lt. USAF! Join Interview Captain Britt MacLeod as she soars to infinity & beyond to pull back the curtain on our latest author.


If you could own any kind of aircraft what kind would it be and what would you name it?

          I think I'd own a hot air balloon and name her "full of hot air". I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. They don't do anything crazy in mid air and let's face it, they're kind of romantic. The only thing I'm not crazy about is that you're at the mercy of the winds once you're up but I guess that could be fun too as long as you're not in a rush to get to anywhere in particular.

Everybody's got em, so tell us about one of your hidden talents!

          I would say I have a bit of a hidden talent for gift giving. I really enjoy spending weeks trying to come up with the perfect gift for someone and then watching their reaction when they open it. I'll start thinking about Christmas presents in September so I can get good ideas for everyone but my favorite are birthdays and anniversaries because you get to spend all the time thinking about one person.

If you could travel anywhere in space, where would you go and why?

          I'd want to go to the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. It's the one closest to our home galaxy, even though it's still 25,000 light years away from ours. I think it would be amazing to see the entire milky way from a distance. On a clear night in the countryside we can see it with our bare eyes because earth is near the edge of the galaxy, with a camera we can see it even better. Imagine what it would look like with no light pollution!

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