Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Rob King

This week, guest author Rob King taught us that we may not always hit the target dead-on when it comes to tracking down our dreams. Sometimes, however, those strike-outs and curve balls can lead us past the boundaries of our imagination to reach entirely new possibilities. It's time to see just how far his imagination will take him as he meets with MSL Interview Captain and former classmate, Britt MacLeod. 


I'm feeling a bit crushed that you weren't a Boy Meets World fan, but it's cool; I get it. Since you were watching Sports Center instead, what is your all-time favorite sports memory from your childhood?

          Wow, great question and one there’s no easy answer to. I’ll have to go with the Giants’ win in Super Bowl XLII, when my favorite football team upset a previously undefeated New England team en route to a title. I’ll never forget Plaxico Burress catching the game-winning touchdown in the corner of the end zone at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Rob's most memorable play from his all-time favorite game ( )

Rob's most memorable play from his all-time favorite game (

If you could only pick one sport and one team to watch every day for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

          The sport would be basketball - it’s my favorite to play and my favorite to watch. Maybe that’s why I like working in it.

          The team would be Notre Dame football. My other favorite teams (Giants and Yankees), with the exception of the Nets have given me championships in my lifetime. ND, on the other hand, last won in 1988, four years before I was born. Being that my dad went to school in South Bend in the ‘70s, when the Irish were rolling, there’s nothing more that I covet than a Notre Dame football title. When the team got trounced in the 2012 title game, it was still one of the most exciting nights of my life.

If you could go back and do it all over again, would you still choose PR as your career path?

          This one’s by far the most difficult of the three. I’ll say yes. I’ve developed a passion for what I do and I’m not sure that that passion would be as strong in another area in the world of sports. Maybe someday I’ll try something else, but for now, I’m comfortable.

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