Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Jen Everdyke

Join us now as we sit down with this week's gutsy guest contributor, Jen Everdyke! From healthy eating to healthy relationships, trusting her gut has guided her far in life, but how does she handle the twisting table topics of MSL's Interview Captain? Let's see...


For overall general digestive wellness, what do you recommend to do/eat/take to keep your tummy in gear?

          As to what to eat for proper gut health, PROMISE ME that you won't do any cleanses! That's what your liver and kidneys are for. Speaking of, have you thanked your liver recently for all the work it did for you in college? You should! Anyway, you don't need a specific supplement, a specific shake, a specific ANYTHING! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise (unless you have a specific condition), simply JERF, or just eat real food. That's what one my Registered Dietitian role models says, isn't that cute? Have what you eat be things with ingredients you know how to pronounce. Yogurt. Olives. Broccoli. Chicken. Corn. Nothing related to the "eetos" family: Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, etc. Eat those occasionally, like when you're tailgating!

You get hit on, like, a lot. What is your all time favorite pick up line that has been used on you before?

          Goodness gracious. I feel like this question follows me around wherever I go. I've definitely had my share of odd pickup lines. The most interesting one I've had used on me was "Damn girl, your butt is like a washing machine, I like watching it go round and round." Class act right there, I'm telling you! To be honest the following pick up line is by far the best one I've never heard, although my BF right now came the closest.

          So, with the approval of two other UB Dietetic Interns, I give you the dream pick up line: "Why hello there. I think you are very pretty and I find the things that you say to be both intelligent and interesting. I would like to get to know you better through discussing topics we both enjoy and perhaps we can see if this relationship will progress. Also, I promise to respect you and your body and will not push you to do anything which you are not comfortable with." Alright gentlemen, let me know how that works out for you!

         We know you love to sing, so if you had to pick one song as your theme song, which one would it be?

          Do people really have answers ready for questions like this? I feel like I would change my mind every single moment of my life. How can you only have one theme song? I just had to take a BuzzFeed quiz to see if it could give me an idea. Apparently "Push It" by Salt N' Peppa is my theme song. Much as I respect the legitimacy of the BuzzFeed scientific formula that determined this answer, I think, if I MUST select only one song, "From the Day" by I Am They would be my jam. But catch me at karaoke and I'll give you some Pat Benatar.

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