Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Briana King

We wrap up this week's adventure with our latest guest, Briana King, in the classical fashion. Join us know as Interview Captain MacLeod subjects our guest to the traditional trials of the #MSL table topics!


We know you’re a lover of classic Disney movies and if I do say so myself, your life is now in the perfect place for a fairy tale to happen in real life. If your life in Edinburgh were to become a fairy tale, what would it be called and who would play your prince charming?

          My fairytale would be called “Bonnie ‘Burgh”, as I live in the ever beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. Provided this fairy tale didn’t resemble any of the original Brothers Grimm stories, because that would be tragic and bloody, my fairy tale would see me happily continuing my research into Greek gender and religion as a university professor/lecturer.

          My Prince Charming would be a lovable Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Mack Jr. who wears a tartan collar and who is fiercely loyal to me despite barely tolerating my existence, much like his recently departed predecessor. Although sure, if Henry Cavill or Richard Madden (or both, I’m not picky) came along I wouldn’t say no. 

If the government decided to fully fund your expedition to find Atlantis, would you answer the call? If so, who would you bring along on your dream expedition team?

          Internally I would be screaming, but yes, I would answer the call. My dream team would include three of my closest friends, all of whom I met in my master’s program here in Edinburgh and all of whom are in Edinburgh now for research and career objectives. We each research something different in Classics, so individually we would bring varied skills, talents, and knowledge to the task set before us. Two of them are in fact keen on attaining diving certification for archaeological purposes, so I could very easily direct them from aboard the boat. 

Guess what! The Greeks have decided they need a new goddess and they’ve selected you! What would your goddess name be and what would you be the goddess of?

          I needed the assistance of a few close friends for this question, because left to my own self-deprecating devices I’d have said I’m the goddess of peanut butter and sarcasm. But, one completely unbiased source argued I should keep “Briana” as my goddess name because the Celtic name means “she ascends”, thus I embody feminine strength. (Thanks, mom.)

         As Briana, the Goddess of Ascension (not the biblical one), I’d aspire to encourage women everywhere to rise above the many and varied gender-defined roadblocks set before them as they pursue their ambitions. I’d also encourage men to join the fight for equal rights. Generally speaking, I’d be the goddess of finding one’s inner strength to overcome struggles and to attain one’s goals.

         Ritual offerings would nevertheless be jars of peanut butter. 

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