Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Margaret Bruetsch

Join our MSL team as we once again peak behind the curtain to meet the mind behind our latest guest piece. This week, Britt MacLeod is joined by recent college graduate and aspiring author, Margaret Bruetsch.

How would you explain today’s networking environment in comparison to how you pictured it would be when you were in college?

I think the best way to explain today's networking environment is that it’s a part of everyday life, but you need to have the courage to speak up. In college, I used to think that there would be very specific times and places for "networking events.” Events that would be very formal and stiff; the types of things you’d have to register for and might get shut out of. I’ve found, however, that more often than not it's just running into someone on the subway or talking to someone at the grocery store who knows someone in your field. It's not as stressful as I thought it would be, but I'm terribly shy so I constantly have to remind myself to introduce myself, and make each moment a networking conversation. It's more word of mouth than actually setting up a meeting.

I know you love mysteries, so if you could’ve helped to solve any case in history, which one would it be and why?

 This is going to sound crazy but there are two big cases I’d love to solve. I wish I could have helped solve the Zodiac case. My great-uncle was a homicide detective in San Francisco and worked on that case, but they never solved it. So I’d almost want to solve that for him. The other case I’d love to solve would be the disappearance of Chaco Canyon and the cliff dwellings in the Southwest. I took an archaeology class at Marist and it really sparked my interest. I just want to know what happened to them. The artifacts that have been left behind show such a thriving society that I would love to know what happened to make them scatter and disappear.

If you could give a title to the current chapter of your life’s story, what would it be?

 Is it okay to say “I’m Still Figuring Things Out”? I used to plan and stress about every step of my life, and my mom would always warn me that life tended to be Plan B or C rather than Plan A, so I think I’ve finally realized that. It’s also a weird place to be after you graduate from college, and I’m suddenly finding new interests and career choices that weren’t what I thought I’d want to do originally, but are a lot of fun.


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