Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Kara Baldwin

Serious question, is it ever awkward telling people that you work for a sperm bank? What sorts of reactions do you get from people after telling them?

          It depends on the audience! The younger the individual I tend to say "sperm and egg donor facility." The older the crowd I say "reproductive tissues services" and then let them sit on it for a while. Most people don't think too much into it and never actually understand where I work. If they let it sink in enough, then I get a ton of follow-up questions. Obviously the most popular question being "how much does it pay?". Genetics takes the back-burner for sperm talk, usually, but every once in awhile I get a science fan who wants to nerd out with me.

After entering grad school and seeing how many people were much older than you in your program, are you happy with your decision to go straight to grad school or do you wish you’d gone back to school later in life?

          I am very happy I went directly from undergrad to grad school. Mainly because I knew exactly what I wanted to do and didn't want to have to wait any longer to start my career. It also just feels great to be done with school. I am finally free of school, homework, and studying for board exams for a long while. I had to actually find hobbies once I finally had free time!

If you could have vengeance on the fleas that attacked you, what would your crusade be called?

          "Kara Bites Back" - I'll save you the gruesome flea bite photos, but let's just say mosquito bites have nothing on flea bites. It was brutal.

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