Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Caela Provost

Join our MSL team as we once again peak behind the curtain to meet the mind behind our latest guest piece. This week, Britt MacLeod is joined by Caela Provost, North American Officer and U.S. Representative for University College Cork (Ireland).


Your job requires you to travel a lot. What is your favorite place that you’ve ever visited?

Oh goodness, I have so many travel spots that I adore! I can narrow it down to two: Denver, Colorado (EVERYTHING is phenomenal- the people, the atmosphere, the hiking, the craft name it, it's enjoyable there) and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (because I am a huge history buff AND a fan of all things paranormal).

Since you were an English major, what is your favorite word in the English language and why?

It's like you're trying to stump me with these questions! How can I choose just one??? I think, if I had to choose, I would pick: cacophony- [kəˈkäfənē] NOUN 1.a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds. I love it because it actually sounds like its meaning. Runner up words include: meticulous, lethargic, cathartic, plethora, and dauntless.

If you built a snow fort, what would you name it?

I'm a huge Superman fan, so I definitely want to give my fort a name similar to the "Fortress of Solitude". I also have an unhealthy love of alliteration, so I think I'm going to go with "Bastian for the Brave, the Bright, and the Bold" so that I will always feel encouraged to use my inner-strength to accomplish great things!

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