#20DaysofMSL: Our 2016 Capstone Lesson

          A common thread among the stories we share during this Holiday season is light. Whether it’s the light of hope, of cultural identity, of salvation, or simply that of promise in the year ahead, there’s a lot to find joy in. And yet, as we’ve seen throughout the stories shared by our guests, it’s a matter of fact that’s all too easily overlooked.

            Life gets in the way, and the light in our lives is obscured by worry and woe as we struggle to make sense of what’s important and what’s not. The journey towards reaching your dreams is wrought with moments of grief, uncertainty, and adversity. Though dark and troublesome, however, each and every moment of doubt contains seeds of opportunity to pause, look up, and let the light shine through. Our struggles provide us with the experience and insights to help navigate future obstructions. More importantly, if we have the courage to learn from these moments and share the light we find, we have the opportunity to brighten the path for others along the way.

            As we gather this season to celebrate all the light in our lives this past year, and make wishes for the road ahead, we at the Memoirs of a Student Leader team would like to share our wish for you. We hope that all of our stories will shine a light to guide you along the journey of life and towards the discovery of the you that you wish to be. More than this, we wish that they will help you find the courage and inspiration to shine your own light for others in your life.

            As we wrap up this year's #20DaysofMSL, we hope that this will serve as the capstone lesson: Every story shared, and every reader to join us in this journey, becomes another dot of light in this grander vision. Together, we can write the stories that will warm the world for the better. Together, we can shine a light for all mankind. Thank you for letting yours be a part of this great, growing beam.

Our warmest wishes,

Michael D. Johnson & Brittany M. MacLeod