A Note of Thanks

Dear Friends,

                As so many of us gather with loved ones to celebrate this season of thanks, we wanted to extend our wishes of gratitude and joy to each of you as well. Though we’ve been running non-stop because of it, the launch of Memoirs of a Student Leader  this past September has been a high point for each of our years. What sets us apart from so many other leadership sites and blogs is our collaborative nature. The contributions of our guest authors helps to make MSL an experience, and we’re so incredibly grateful that so many of you have chosen to be a part of it.

                As student leaders, we worked tirelessly to build a community on our college campus. Entering the real world, we both found it difficult to adjust from being so intricately involved to being bounced right back to square one. As many of you have shared, and even more have experienced first-hand, times like this can leave you feeling awfully lonely. Throughout the process, however, we knew we could always find comfort in stories. Catching up with old friends and relating to their struggles, their bumbles, and their inevitable triumphs helped us to frame it all in a brighter perspective.

                That is precisely what we hope to accomplish with Memoirs of a Student Leader. It is not only our wish that young readers from high school through college will find something in these stories that they can relate to, but that they will realize you don’t need a particular title or office to call yourself a "leader". We’re all chasing a dream, doing our part in some small way or another to make the world a better place. In that respect, you are never truly alone.

                Thank you for lighting up our world with your stories. Thank you for sharing your own voices and the voices of our guest authors as we seek to shape the discussion on modern leadership. Most important of all, thank you for joining us on this journey as readers and friends. We greatly look forward to seeing what lies ahead, right along with you every step of the way.

With warmest wishes,

Michael D. Johnson                   Brittany M. MacLeod

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers from the MSL Team!