Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Daniel Gaynor

Dive into adventure with us this New Year as we sit down with this week's guest author, Daniel Gaynor, to reflect on his experiences abroad and the life lessons he brought back.


In your travels after college in Asia, were you nervous to travel by yourself? Up to that point, had you traveled on your own before or was this your first time traveling solo?

          Well I suppose I had traveled by myself once before if you count transferring to Marist and not knowing anyone at Marist or on the east coast, but that was obviously different. When I first left for the trip I didn't know I was going to be traveling solo. I planned to travel with my fellow Marist Alumni, Claire, but about 6-8 weeks in we started traveling separately, because we wanted to see different places. I would have certainly had fears about doing the trip alone in the beginning. However I am so happy that we were both secure enough in ourselves and our abilities to try to brave things alone because it was certainly a rewarding experience.

Ummm you filmed SHARKS underwater?! INSANELY COOL AND TERRIFYING! Choose three words to summarize this experience for us and tell us why you chose them so we can vicariously live through your daring adventure.

          Hmmm that's a tricky question the three words I would use to describe Shark Cage Diving would be: Thrilling, Mysterious, and Misunderstood. My reasoning for those words would be, thrilling because they are huge animals that could easily kill you, mysterious because the longer I worked on the boat the more I realized how little we knew about these animals (no one has ever seen them give birth and there is speculation on how they mate, but no one knows for sure) and misunderstood because many people are terrified of them but they aren't the man-eating villains people make them out to be.

          They are more curious to see what the cage is rather than how to get the people inside it. They are inquisitive, clever, and they learn from their mistakes. They are still wild animals so it's best to keep your distance, but they aren't plotting to attack anyone who gets in the water. Also it's important to keep shark cage diving around because it actually protects the sharks. If shark cage diving were outlawed then no one would be there to guard the sharks from illegal shark finning boats. It also inspires people to donate to researchers and raise awareness on marine conservation.

If you could be stuck at any age for the rest of your life, what age would you be and why?

          If I were to be stuck at any age for the rest of my life I'd probably choose something in my early thirties because hopefully I will be financially stable, still young enough to explore and do physically strenuous activities, and mature enough to fully enjoy those adventures.

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