Meet Our Team: Elisa Jakymin

In honor of #InternationalWomensDay here's a look behind the scenes at one of our #MSL voices.

A total boss, Elisa Jakymin is our most dedicated regular and an invaluable part of the MSLstories creative and admin teams. You can catch her regular posts on travel and life lessons with #ElisasExpedition or spot her insights in our periodic community posts. But here's a few things you might not have known about this awesome Aussie superstar:

-Elisa has travelled to over 40 countries but wants to travel to them all!

-She has family scattered across over 10 countries including Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Germany.

-Elisa speaks some level of Ukrainian, Polish and French alongside English.

- She's also run two half-marathons. Her dream is to do the half-marathon at Disney World in Florida!

- And has travelled to all (eight) States and Territories in Australia.

-Elisa has two cats – Marley and Jasper – but would like many more 😉

-And she dreams of travelling to every continent and visiting every Disney theme park.


Stay tuned for more on our MSL team and explore our site to learn more about our awesome guests!