Meet Our Team: Michael D. Johnson ("MJ")

It's time to meet another member of our MSL team!

Our site's name stems from the pet-project of our co-founder, Michael D. Johnson, who launched MSL as a blog for student leaders alongside the launch of his book, "From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Memoirs of a Student Leader", with the help of his friend and fellow Marist alumni, Brittany MacLeod. Here's a few more fun facts about "MJ":


-MJ initially went to school to study the law and criminal justice in the hopes of becoming a prosecuting attorney.

-With a fascination of stories and the impact of narratives on human behavior, his studying of the social and behavior sciences, combined with his budding involvement in student government, steadily steered him towards legal and policy work.

-Though a fairly frequent traveler (and self-professed cruise fanatic), MJ has not roamed far beyond the U.S. Apart from trips to the Caribbean, he's never been outside of the country (something he'd like to change one of these days).

-MJ is an avid day-dreamer and grew up loving cartoons and anime for their rich and fantastic narratives. He still maintains some recreational ties (a proud "duelist" and fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG) and advocates for the power of play and imagination in youth development.
-In his downtime, MJ enjoys reading, writing, strategic games.

Read more from MJ with #MikesCampaign at and stay tuned for more on our MSL team and explore our site to learn more about our awesome guests!