Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Alexander Marco Salazar

As an artist, this week's #MSL guest does more than bring creative visions to life. Alexander Marco Salazar's work incorporates storytelling by capturing the perspectives and personalities of his subjects into a series or piece. Now, it's time for us to take a crack at swapping seats with the master to shed light on the mind behind the advice.


In your down moments when you question yourself whether to continue to create, what keeps you going allowing you to push through this uncertainty?

          My fellow artist friends get me through tough times. They inspire me and motivate me to reach my full potential. I have this one crazy artist friend who will call or message me asking how many sketches I finished in a particular day, or show me his latest works. It’s like a never-ending art race with him. In my down times, he tells me, “you gotta wake up everyday and say to yourself ‘I want to be an artist!!!’”. As cheesy as it sounds, he’s right. It’s my connection with other artists that gets me through thick and thin.

What is your most prized piece of artwork that you’ve created and why?

         It’s very difficult to say what specific piece in particular, but the most meaningful series of paintings and photo emulsions I’ve created is called It Gets Better. This series examines the past, present and future of the gay community in Italy. I interviewed local gay and lesbian individuals who have shared their stories of struggle, acceptance and perseverance, and then created portraits, using their interviews displayed to the side of each artwork.

          As a gay man, I understand what it’s like to feel alienated and alone. I have personally been discriminated against in Italy, and I believe that it is important to fight against homophobia in this country, and also to demonstrate to young gay and lesbian individuals that they are not alone.

Pretend we’re in a parallel universe. You never became an artist. What career do you see yourself in that would utilize the immense creativity and skill that you possess?

          If I had to choose another career, I would choose to be an engineer. Utilising the creativity of an artist to solve abstract and complex technical problems could create unique solutions otherwise overlooked. Although some may think art and engineering are on the opposite sides of the spectrum, I believe the two subjects have many parallels to each other!

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