Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Chelsea Hébert

Our guest this week offered a very personal glimpse of the internal struggles faced by many leaders. After all, it's safe to say that we have a tendency to invest ourselves in our work; we care. deeply. That can also make it difficult to loosen our grip on the reigns when the time calls for it, and empower those around us to grow into their own. It's now time to meet the voice behind this week's voice of reason, who brought us the wisdom in leading by letting go. Let's get down to business once again, and break the ice with our latest MSL guest, Chelsea Hébert!


Your piece reminded us that delegation and trust are important aspects of leadership (as someone wise once told us, leaders work to bring out the potential in others). If you could assemble a “Dream Team” of five, all-star leaders to help you change the world, who would you want in your corner and why?

Rosa Parks: She is a symbol of strength, resilience, diversity, and bravery. She did not sit idly by, she was a "do'er" and took action. Rosa Parks did not need words to speak and that something all should strive to emulate.

Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga): As a new age humanitarian, LGBTQ advocate and women's rights activist she is a symbol of peace in a chaotic world. She remains unchanged, in the best way, by her fame. She is a humble, lyrical genius who inspires others and continues to do good for the community for the sake of good, never money.

Abraham Lincoln: This historic man suffered from severe anxiety and depression yet accomplished great things as the President of the United States.

Barack Obama: He is a symbol of hope. Politics and parties aside, he makes many people feel safe. This is a key leadership trait. When you feel that you have a safe place, nothing is impossible and you achieve great things. President Obama works for works tirelessly and with diligence. He strives to create a nation undivided and knows that nothing is achieved alone.

Santa Claus: Weird, right? But how many lives has just the thought of him touched? So many people don't believe in him--just as sometimes we all have people who don't believe in us--yet he makes a difference. He is metaphorical proof that skeptics and non-believers do not cause your purpose to cease.

MJ refers to you a “Gov” or “Governor”. Do you have any political aspirations? If you were to seek an office one day, what would your dream position and first order of business be?

           When I met Mike, I had aspirations to be the governor of Connecticut or whichever state I planted my roots. Now, I would much rather be the mayor of the town in which I settle down. Whether a large or small town, bringing a community together to realize their purpose in an even larger community--state, country, and world...would bring me such a sense of fulfillment. My first order of business would be to address poverty and homelessness, especially among minorities and veterans, within the town and surrounding neighborhoods through community education, health and career programs, and a well-funded shelter and food pantry.

You beautifully note that the journey of life isn’t a “point A to point B” kind of deal. There are a lot of pit stops and detours along the way and, in our experience, everything happens for a reason. Do you have a favorite “curve-ball” or unexpected experience that life’s thrown your way?  

          Perhaps cliché, but after being let down by my ex-boyfriend of 4 and a 1/2 years, I learned more about myself than I really ever had. I was on my own and learned that being alone doesn't mean being lonely. I learned self-love, self-care, and independence. Settling--in love, careers, and life---is not something that I do anymore. And what a lesson to have learned. What a blessing it is, though sometimes difficult, to love yourself.

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