Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Brittany MacLeod

Since she can't interview herself, it's time to turn the tables on our Ice Breaking Captain, MSL Co-Founder Britt MacLeod. This week, MSL Co-Founder Michael Johnson and MSL Regular Contributor Lizzy Newman have come up with a few questions to better introduce the mind guiding you through all of these other, great introductions. Here we go!


You’ve picked a very dramatic title for your category, “Britt’s Odyssey”. If you could be a part of one classical adventure (you can pick anything in literature or popular culture, from Ulysses’ original Odyssey to Monty Python’s quest for the Holy Grail), which would you join and what would you say is the best talent or skill that you’d contribute?

         Is Finding Nemo and acceptable answer? The best talent or skill I’d contribute is my positivity. It’s my nature to be a cheerleader. I was a cheerleader for four years in my youth, and in life, I resort to optimism. (Some people find it annoying but whatevah, haters gon’ hate.) I’d have been a great partner in crime with Marlin and Dory to keep spirits high and continue to motivate and inspire them that WE GOT THIS GUYS! Nemo would’ve been found way sooner if I was there. Just saying. 

You’re a fairly new (self-described) “Puppy Mama”. Which breed of dog best represents your personality?

          To explain which breed best represents my personality, I must first tell you about my journey in picking the breed that we did as our companion. 

          My boyfriend, Eric, and I went back and forth about different breeds for just about a year. We originally wanted to get a Tamaskan, which is a crossbreed of dogs that resembles a wolf. If I had one word to describe them, it would be “majestic”. Who wouldn’t want a pet that looks like a wolf and acts like a dog? In the end, for many reasons, we ended up choosing a chocolate lab.

          If you had asked me this question a year ago, I’d have replied, “Tamaskan”, but after living with our perky puppy princess (yes, she is a princess!), I’d have to say that a chocolate lab best represents my personality. My little Zoey has oodles of energy, but also takes her time to relax. She wants to listen and will [mostly] do so on command, but her nature is to be a leader and go her own way. She’s keen to play and explore but not without smothering you with love first! She exudes happiness, love and positivity and I’ve never been so happy in my life since bringing her into our family. If I were a dog, she’d be my best friend. 

As you know, we’re all about sharing stories. If you could wrap up all of your experiences into a best-seller, what would you title it? And who would you hope to have play your part in the live movie adaptation?

"I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again"

          (Yes, this is 100% a Chumbawamba reference.) I’d want to have Emma Stone play my part in the movie. She’s the bees knees. I’d also hope that she’d be so inspired and relate to my trials and tribulations that we’d instantly become best friends because she’d realize how similar we actually are. Best. Friends. Forever.   

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