Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Elisa Jakymin

Each week, our MSL team will take you behind the scenes to get to know the minds behind our insightful guest pieces. Leading the charge is our Interview Captain, Brittany MacLeod, who is joined this week by our first guest contributor, Elisa Jakymin of Tourism Australia.

Let's go back in time and pretend that lovely photo of you is actually taking place because you're dangling off of the side of Harbour Bridge. If you could pick anyone in the world to save you, who would it be and why?

I’m going to be on brand and say Chris Hemsworth given he’s the current tourism ambassador of Australia – and he’s not too bad to look at either! With roles like Thor and The Huntsman under his belt, it doesn’t seem like he would have any difficulty helping a girl out either. What’s more, he seems like a genuinely nice guy and as he’s currently filming the latest Thor movie in Brisbane, he wouldn’t have too far to travel either! It’s a win-win situation.

I know you enjoy running and you've kind of turned into a running bad ass, so tell us, how did you get hooked and what's your favorite race that you've been a part of?

I’m a very goal-oriented person so what I like most about running is that you’re never done with it. There is always progress to be made, whether it’s improving your speed or extending your distance. The benefits of running have had a flow on effect into every aspect of my life as well – from improving my fitness and stamina, to building some great friendships over a mutual love of running, and strengthening my mental endurance and concentration in the workplace. There’s a quote which really resonates with me; it states that running never takes more than it gives back.

I’ve taken a very gradual approach to my running training over the past year or so, starting with a 3.5 kilometre race across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, building up to 5 kilometres around Homebush Olympic Park, and 7 kilometres from Manly to Dee Why Beach. I would have to say that the run which I’m most proud of so far is my latest – a 14 kilometre run from the Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach, which involved the infamous Heartbreak Hill. It’s the longest I have run consecutively to date, and I finished it in about one and a half hours. I also enjoyed it more than I expected to as there was such a great atmosphere throughout, with residents out in their front yards cheering runners along the way. Bondi Beach is a pretty spectacular place in which to reward yourself after a decent run as well! The next event which I’m working towards is a half-marathon.

If you could create any job title for yourself, what would it be?

My manager and I have joked that our positions are central to the business’s core operations and marketing activities given the customer is at the heart of the business, which ties back to the consumer research. A large part of our roles is conducting research which looks at why international consumers travel to Australia, the core appeals of Australia’s holiday offering and the decision-making journey from aspiration through to visitation. These insights are then fed into the business’s marketing campaigns which are tailored to individual markets based on nuances discovered in the research, and evaluated based on their effectiveness. On that basis, a job title like ‘Research Architect’ or taking it further, ‘Global Intelligence Associate’ would be fantastic – ‘Strategic Mastermind’ may be taking it too far! :)

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