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A Journey that Ignited a Passion for Compassion

About 3 years ago I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue my passion for connecting people and collectively changing the world for the greater good. This article is about that journey to not only finding my passion, but a way to honour it and use it to guide me through every day of my life. I hope it can inspire you to do the same.

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Kelley Sullivan

Our guest this week taught us that persistence is key. Even when a door appears to have been slammed shut in our face, not all hopes of reaching what lies on the other side are dashed entirely. When we have our hearts and minds so wholly set on reaching a particular goal, creativity and passion spark innovation in crafting a second attempt; rather than seek out another door, some camp out on the stoop. This week, we settle in to learn more about the inspiration that drove our latest guest, as well as led her to pursue an alternate dream all together.

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