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The Lost Art of Novelty in Adulthood

There’s something about growing up and reaching adulthood that seems to make people less open to risk-taking. It’s almost as if we reach a state of complacency and comfort in establishing our routines that we no longer see the value of trying new things. Whether it’s ordering the same thing at your local restaurant, taking the same class at the gym close to work, or taking a holiday to the same destination year after year – we’re all guilty of it.

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Change is hard. Resisting change when your mind and body are screaming out for it is even harder. If there’s one thing I wish I could go back and tell my teenage self, it would be to worry less about securing my dream career pathway. During my teenage years, I was set on becoming a journalist. I loved to read and write; English had always been my favourite and strongest subject; and I dreamed of getting the opportunity to travel to foreign and exotic lands to nail the perfect story.

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