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Finding My Voice

Public speaking was my greatest fear, my greatest struggle. As my high school career drew to a close, I knew that I would be forced to make a change in one way or another as a fought to carve out a path of my own after graduation. While I had the time, I figured, I might as well try to figure things out on my terms. Roughly six years later, I’d find myself standing back in that high school and speaking in front of a crowd. This time, I was being sworn in as a member of its Board of Education.

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Flying with Clipped Wings

 I’ve been a planner for my entire life. From the time I was eight years old, I had my whole life planned out. It went something like this: I was going to go to the Air Force Academy, I was going to major in Astronautical engineering, I was going to get a master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, do a tour in an Air Force Research Lab, go to Test Pilot School and then be an astronaut and work on the mission to Mars; if I met someone somewhere in there they’d just have to be okay with my life plan.

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