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The Impact of Our Travels (Part 1)

From the way young entrepreneurs seek to do business and the approaches larger titans of the travel industry assess their footprints in the lands they connect, right down to the choices made by individual travelers in the course of their journeys, the generational mindset toward how and why we travel is changing. In the wake of such a shift it seems worthwhile to ask, will the outcome bring more harm than good?

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The Community of Fathom

On January 20, 2018, Carnival's Fathom Travel launched its second iteration aboard the Crown Princess. Returning from this "Cruise for the Caribbean", MJ reflects on the spirit of Fathom, the impact of its work, and the significance of a Broadway classic.

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A Return to the Sea

Fathom Travel returns to the seas this January to bring hope to communities impacted by this past year's historic hurricane season. As the next group of travelers looks forward to this "Cruise for the Caribbean", MSL looks back on our recent sailing with Fathom and the waves it's making in the travel industry.

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