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Dear Evan Hansen: Our Place in the Narrative

It's no secret that our #MSL team includes big fans of the Broadway hit, "Dear Evan Hansen". In a past post, MJ even dissected an early scene from the play to look at the social-behavior drives behind an interaction with a particularly important character.

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The Importance of Getting Away

If it hadn’t been for the photos I’d taken, many of the places I’d visited during college would be somewhat easily forgotten.  That’s not to say I had no memorable experiences—spending a year and a half of my four years of study abroad certainly counts as memorable.  At the time I could tell you which foreign cobbles rocked when you stepped on them, or which alley to cut down to avoid the main tourist drag, today I can barely recall what color my bedroom was.  I’m not going to sit here and write that it was the places I’ve gone that made my time at Marist memorable, because that wouldn’t be entirely true.  It was the people.

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