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From Student to Fellow: Opportunities Are Created

In 2005, I began my collegiate experience at Marist College. As an 18-year old freshman hailing from the Bronx, the campus in Poughkeepsie was nothing like my city. A car was needed to get anywhere important, noise from construction and music did not exist, and I was the only Dominican in any given class. Everything from the people, the classes, and even the food choices was different. But despite all of these unfamiliar things, I not only saw opportunity, I created it.

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Work to Live, Don't Live to Work

I’ve never been one to flop and drop on holidays. While I can certainly see the appeal, to me, a holiday is about packing in as many – non-work related activities – as possible! In my eyes, I’ve paid to travel to and spend time at a specific destination, so why not make the most of it? You could say that switching on is my way of switching off! The key is planning activities and outings which I wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to do on a regular basis. 

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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone...

Looking back at my primary (elementary) school years, I doubt that anyone would’ve handpicked me as ‘most likely to succeed.’ While I have always been somewhat academically inclined and very driven, this has been coupled with a rich imagination and tendency to retreat inwards. I remember being nominated for ‘Prime Minister’ as part of a class government activity. I declined for the role of ‘Hansard’ which involved no speaking, and only listening – basically transcribing the thoughts and ideas of my more eloquent and loquacious peers; ultimately my idea of heaven! One of my class peers actually listed one of his most memorable school moments in the class yearbook as “hearing Elisa talk”…Need I say more?

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