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Stop Saying "Inspired"

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I went out in the city and played a game that made life a little more interesting. Each of us wore four elastic bands around our wrists and chose one word that we would “ban” for the night. When someone said a banned word, he would hand over an elastic band to the person who caught his slip-up. If you lost all your elastics, you would buy the next round of drinks. In this game, the words “like” and “one” seemed to give people the most problems.

Today, I’m proposing that we start playing this game 24/7, and I’m officially banning the word “inspired” – but only at the end of a sentence. If you say that you were inspired to do something, you’re safe. Otherwise, hand over an elastic.

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Joseph Salamone

Our guest this week walked us through his initial steps into the broader race of leadership. Today, Joe Salamone is not only a young leader on his college campus, but an active member of a global network with experiences and honors from a number of renowned organizations, including DeMolay international. It's time for us to delve deeper into Joe's leadership story and learn more about the person behind the accolades. 

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Change is hard. Resisting change when your mind and body are screaming out for it is even harder. If there’s one thing I wish I could go back and tell my teenage self, it would be to worry less about securing my dream career pathway. During my teenage years, I was set on becoming a journalist. I loved to read and write; English had always been my favourite and strongest subject; and I dreamed of getting the opportunity to travel to foreign and exotic lands to nail the perfect story.

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Mike Duffy

During our time as members of the Student Government Association at Marist, one administration adopted a common adage as their motto, "actions speak louder than words." Indeed, we expect you will be no stranger to this concept, as many of our past guests have expressed their strategies for bringing these words to life through their activities, roles, and pursuits. This week, we have, perhaps, our best example yet.

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Ryan Farrell

This week, we're honored to share the spirited story of a true fighter. Ryan Farrell faced some serious obstacles in her undergraduate career, and sets a strong example for those seeking to overcome life's unexpected curve-balls with determination and grace. It's the heart and soul of Ryan's story that makes this week's guest interview our most personal yet. This week, Interview Captain Britt MacLeod and Ryan delve deeper into this formative experience and the wonderful "Ryanisms" it's fostered.

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Flying with Clipped Wings

 I’ve been a planner for my entire life. From the time I was eight years old, I had my whole life planned out. It went something like this: I was going to go to the Air Force Academy, I was going to major in Astronautical engineering, I was going to get a master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, do a tour in an Air Force Research Lab, go to Test Pilot School and then be an astronaut and work on the mission to Mars; if I met someone somewhere in there they’d just have to be okay with my life plan.

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