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How Community Service Shaped My Life Story

Five years ago, as I packed up my residence area and prepared to move back home, I never could have imagined my career path weaving through a term as an elected official or devoting so much time as an active member of a community that I once shied away from as a bashful wallflower.

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A Connection that Transcends

There are moments that guide us beyond the confines of our comfort zone to grasp those underlying elements that bridge the gap between individual experiences to connect us all. In public presentation, it is not a bond forged through our words but our presence. In this piece, MSL Co-Founder Michael D. Johnson reflects on such an experience.

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Navigating the Maze

I don’t often get caught up in TV shows. Aside from playing re-runs of the same family-friendly sitcoms in the background while I work, I usually don’t find myself sitting down for all that long to get into a series. There are, however, a few good exceptions. Like most viewers, I found myself absolutely drawn into the phenomenon that is Westworld this past fall. More so than reveling in the dusty old westerns that used to play on our TV, I was absolutely captivated by the underlying questions raised by the program with respect to identity, morality, and the excavation of the self.

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