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Being a Force for Good (In a World Often Marked by Bad)

I wholeheartedly believe that there’s a positive correlation between happiness and kindness. Despite living in a world that’s more interconnected than ever, we are more disconnected and isolated than we have ever been. How many people do you encounter on a daily basis that you don’t really see? Whether that be on your daily commute, at the gym, or even at the office beyond your self-contained cubicle?

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Brian Shea

This week brought a real double-whammy. Not only did our latest guest bring you his experience on finding the "right" fit in his career path, but we got to welcome him as the latest addition to the MSL team as a Regular Contributor! It's now time to meet the mind behind the advice, and learn a little more about the newest voice in the MSL community, Brian Shea!

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