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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Tyler Robinson

Our latest guest, Tyler Robinson, shared his story of self-discovery in finding the motivation to not only overcome the cultural rift he found studying abroad, but excel to new heights in a familiar field. In rising to face these new challenges, Tyler found his leaping point in his passion for the Martial Arts. Today, we'll learn more about what has shaped Tyler's journey as a student leader as we sit back to meet the mind behind the piece with our newest ice breaker interview!

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Julianna Lombardi

This week's guest taught us the power in finding your niche, using your passions to summon the motivation to power through even the darkest of moments. More importantly, she taught us to trust that confident little voice that reassures us, above all that swells to knock us down, that the courage to call ourselves "leaders" is never truly lost. Now, it's time to learn more about the voice behind all this powerful wisdom. Our MSL team sits down with Julianna Lombardi.

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