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Unearthing Another Side of LA

Love it or hate it, Los Angeles (LA) is a city which attracts a host of vehement opinions. With monikers ranging from "the City of Angels" to "La La Land", one-dimensional it is not. Having visited all the tourist traps on previous visits to the city, on this particular occasion I am determined to unearth the real LA, beneath the veneer of Hollywood glamour and luxury.

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Veronica Germain

Our guest this week brought us a deeply personal story, one that chronicles her personal struggle with losing and reclaiming her identity. In even the darkest of moments, however, Veronica Germain found hope and clarity in a favorite passion, travel. This week, as we settle in to learn more about the mind behind our latest guest piece, we'll explore this favorite hobby, which became the saving grace of a "wide-eyed wanderer".

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