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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Chelsea Hébert

Our guest this week offered a very personal glimpse into the personal struggles faced by many leaders. After all, it's safe to say that we have a tendency to invest ourselves in our work; we care. deeply. That can also make it difficult to loosen our grip on the reigns when the time calls for it, and empower those around us to grow into their own. It's now time to meet the voice behind this week's voice of reason, who brought us the wisdom in leading by letting go. Let's get down to business once again, and break the ice with our latest MSL guest, Chelsea Hébert!

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Meet the Author: Guest Interview with Jenan Matari

It's time to meet the mind that challenged us to never let our own doubts or fears get in the way of our success. Had Jenan Matari let such simple limitations get in her way, she wouldn't have spark the expansive journey that is MissMuslim. Today, we get to peek behind the curtain to learn a little more about the soul behind the voice.

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