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Fitness Friday: Variety is the Spice of Life

Some people are creatures of habit while others thrive on change. I like to think that I lie somewhere in the middle. As important as routine is in maintaining a regular fitness regimen, mixing it up every now and then is important to keep your mind and your body guessing. Ever notice how you feel sore in places you never even noticed before when you try a new sport or workout? Just as our minds get used to and bored with looking at the same thing all the time, our bodies have their own kind of muscle memory.

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The Lost Art of Novelty in Adulthood

There’s something about growing up and reaching adulthood that seems to make people less open to risk-taking. It’s almost as if we reach a state of complacency and comfort in establishing our routines that we no longer see the value of trying new things. Whether it’s ordering the same thing at your local restaurant, taking the same class at the gym close to work, or taking a holiday to the same destination year after year – we’re all guilty of it.

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