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Happiness is Attainable

One thing I can say about my college experience- I lived it to the fullest. As soon as I got to Marist, I was a joiner, signing up for every club at the activity fair and making plans for club meetings or out with friends every night of the week. Coming from an eccentric performing arts high school with 100 people per grade, I was overjoyed to be on a normal college campus, with sporting events to go to and hundreds of clubs to join.

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"Where do you find the time?"

Even with the Holidays coming right around the corner, this month has been particularly bittersweet for me. This is officially my last semester as a Marist student. Even though I bid farewell to being on campus full-time back in 2013, I’ve been prolonging my Red Fox student status while pursuing a Master in Public Administration through their online program.

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