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The Impact of Our Travels (Part 3)

Voluntourism doesn’t come cheap. Beneath the gloss of service activities and good intentions, critics note, it’s still a vacation. Between transportation and lodging, the price tag attached to building a school or joining in local craft sessions grows steadily. For what these travelers are willing to pay, some critics ask, can't they just cut a check and leave the work to the professionals? Does the warm, fuzzy feeling that travelers carry back home with them justify routing inexperienced volunteers into projects that could be undertaken by local experts and craftsmen?

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The Impact of Our Travels (Part 1)

From the way young entrepreneurs seek to do business and the approaches larger titans of the travel industry assess their footprints in the lands they connect, right down to the choices made by individual travelers in the course of their journeys, the generational mindset toward how and why we travel is changing. In the wake of such a shift it seems worthwhile to ask, will the outcome bring more harm than good?

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Traveling Deeper

In Part 2 of his reflection on a recent "Cruise for the Caribbean" with Carnival's Fathom Travel and Princess Cruises, MJ relates a personal story to the meaning of Fathom's call to action: #TravelDeep

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