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The Impact of our Travels (Part 2)

"Voluntourism" isn't the only recent addition to the traveler's lexicon. The phrase "Savior Complex" has also become the subject of heated debates regarding the appropriate role of travelers in the communities they visit and the consequences left in their wake. Critics of voluntourism also ask, rightly so, whether or not the short-term benefits of such visits will amount to much in the long run. Good intentions aside, is it all really worth the hype?

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Mindfulness and the Self-Narrative

It begins with a log-in, rather than a mantra. Like most things these days, technology has routed its influence into one of our most personal spaces: mindfulness. As reported by Linkedin, numerous apps and website have surfaced in recent years offering users and clients a path to Nirvana, generating millions of dollars in revenue in the process. But can technology truly light the way to the salvation we seek, or are these automated gurus as sincere as a promise of wealth from a princely email?

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