What Comes Next?

          Well, gang, we’ve just about made it. Today is Election Day in the U.S., and for many of us it marks a welcome end to a bitterly divisive campaign season. As folks head out to the polls today to cast their votes, a serious question lingers in the air: what comes next?

          If there’s a silver lining to be found among the memories of this dizzying race, perhaps it’s in the knowledge that this experience has helped to draw even more attention to the importance of citizen participation in the governing process. As members of a representative democracy, our part in the process doesn’t begin and end on Election Day; being an active citizen is a full-time job.

          This month, we’re paying tribute to the men and women that have devoted their lives in service to their country and the protection of their fellow citizens. As we honor the lengths to which they’ve gone to uphold the principles of our democracy, we must also recognize that their efforts have opened the doors for others to step in and play a part to varying degrees, according to their comfort.

                From jury duty right up to seeking an elected office for yourself, there are a number of ways to get out there and get active. As the votes are tallied today and we all brace for our country to take on a new leader in January, let us set our sights on the years ahead. Whether you’re excited, angry, frustrated, or just want to know more about your government, take the time to learn about local opportunities for service.

          Building the future is a collective effort, and not a venture that’s left solely to the person sitting in the Oval Office or marching off to Capitol Hill. There’s a great deal of work to be done, and a whole lot of ground to cover, but the beautiful thing about our system of government is, for better or worse, we’re all in it together. We'll see you out there.