Michael D. Johnson

Author, community figure, former student government member, and Co-Founder of MSLstories.com.

"MJ" has developed a strong reputation in public presentation. With training from Toastmasters International and a host of civic organizations, he brings a warm and engaging presence to his talks with students and professionals alike. Michael has spoken at the collegiate level on the subjects of student government and leadership, and has been recognized by the National Society of Leadership & Success for his contributions to student life. He currently offers the following presentations:

  • "From the Classroom to the Boardroom": A retelling of Johnson's personal search for identity in the hierarchy of his college's student government, based on his book.
  • "A Guide to Student Governance": As the former Senate Speaker and Director of Community Outreach for the Marist College Student Government Association, Johnson delves deeper into the structure of student governance to advice and train young leaders.
  • "Embracing Your Narrative": Looking back at examples from past guest authors and retracing the steps that lead to the creation of MSL, Johnson empowers participants to take a leading role in their own journey by appreciating the myriad life stories that surround and impact us all.

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