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In today's digital world, there is certainly no shortage of voices to guide you in reaching for the stars and beyond. And yet, you don't have to be a titan in your field to move the world. Indeed, the most impactful moves are made much closer to home than you might imagine. Each and every one of us has a part to play and, consequently, a story to tell. The encounters and experiences we face in our daily lives not only shape our own futures, but those of the people around us. It's a perspective we lose sight of all too easily.


As a site dedicated to expanding the discussion on student leadership, MSLstories.com is the place to share yours.

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On this site, we share the stories of risk-takers and aspiring world changers. From the Memoirs of a Student Leader to the Many Shared Lessons in individual tales from the guests we highlight, these are the narratives that will spark a transition in the way we view social influence by inspiring, collecting, and sharing the experiences of others to prove that even the smallest of voices can leave a powerful impact. Through these stories, we're Making Significant Leaps.

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