The ShadowS

“What if earth;

Be but the shadow of heaven, and things therein;

Each to other like, more than on Earth is thought!”

In the epic poem Paradise Lost, John Milton chronicles on of the greatest dramas in the history of all creation, the Biblical fall from grace. At one point, the Arch-Angel Raphael wonders how he will relate the wondrous works of heaven to mortals on Earth.

It's a feeling our young founders encountered in their own lives through job searches, networking, and in trying to piece together the beginnings of their own life stories. Sometimes it can feel like our own place in life is set far apart from everyone else's. The shadows that mark our logo pay tribute to the struggles we all face in bringing our life stories to light, particularly in a "snapshot" culture fueled by social media.

When we see only the positive parts of everyone else's story, we can be overly critical of our own progress. More often than not, we feel like our stories are not worth sharing yet; they're not finished. The shadows obscuring our logo pay tribute to this reality, as well as our power to impart something on the stories of others in the course of our journeys. These shadows also remind us of life's impermanence and the common yearning to make our mark on the world.

The Fox

The Fox holds a great deal of significance for our founders. 

A symbol traditionally associated with cunning, the Fox symbolizes our approach to tackling life's challenges with brain over brawn. Through the stories of our guests and regular authors, MSL offers its readers new perspectives and opportunities for reflection in mapping out their own approach to writing their life stories. At MSL, the Fox is our spirit guide in a journey of self-discovery.

We hope that our Fox will also serve as your guide in finding your own, personal mark.

"What's In A Name?"

The meaning of "MSL"

Meet. Share. Live.

We are a blog dedicated to connecting people around the world through stories. With regular posts on leadership, travel, and wellness, MSL is an emerging platform that seeks to connect travelers and aspiring change-makers with service providers in the travel/tourism industry and social entrepreneurs. By fostering a community that brings together people with the passion for building a better world with those who have the vision to attain it, we can create a more meaningful impact. These three little letters outline our approach to shaping the world through shared stories.