Our Founders

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Freshman year...

Michael D. Johnson and Brittany MacLeod first joined forces through the Marist College Student Government Association as underclassmen in Poughkeepsie, NY. Brittany decided to run for President of the Freshman Class while Michael sought the position of Class Vice President. Though neither won their respective races, it didn't take long for them to find another way into the organization; Michael joined the Junior Senate while Brittany shadowed the Vice President of Club Affairs.

One year later, Michael would be leading the Legislative Branch as Senate Speaker while Brittany oversaw the campus' roughly 80 clubs and organizations as the new Vice President of Club Affairs.

Outside of S.G.A., the duo became actively involved in a number of campus organizations, including the National Residence Hall Honorary (N.R.H.H.) and Toastmasters International. Throughout their undergraduate careers, Michael and Brittany remained committed to sharing lessons in life and leadership through public presentation.

The dynamic duo reunited in the fall of 2016 to launch MSL and share their own insights along with the stories of young leaders from around the world. It is their hope that other young leaders will discover their voices, and join in a greater discussion of happiness, fulfillment, leadership, and life.