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Photo by Jaryd Frankel

Everyone dreams of building a legacy.

At MSL, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, but won't always have the means to tell it. Not every traveler who is touched by a new community or visionary who dreams of social change will start a blog, launch a podcast, or have access to the materials required to take their dream to the next level. We launched to connect those voices with the world. Our site serves as a platform for voices from around the globe to share their stories in the hopes of sparking a dialog, fostering connections, and building a community.

Our Mission:

To inspire and engage our audience in discovering new, innovative approaches to leadership, travel, and wellness by fostering an authentic exchange of ideas among individuals who desire to make an impact. We seek to empower others in writing the life stories they dream of and connect their narratives with their kindred spirits, shaping the world through shared stories.

Anyone that has character leaves a mark on another.
Would you like to leave the world without making a ripple?
— Nora Roberts