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Our Vision:

At MSL we seek to build a platform in the dual sense of the word. Platforms serve as pedestals, raising whatever is set or stands upon them into light and focus, in the same way that we seek to share the stories of regular voices from around the globe with an audience of their peers and kindred spirits. Whether you're waiting for a train, a bus, or a boat, platforms also serve as points of congregation in the stages of a journey. Through this site and our growing social media presence, we strive to make MSL a crossroads for travelers on various stages of their life journeys. It is a place to reflect on the experiences and insights of others while growing more familiar with your own worldview, all before setting out on the next great leg of the adventure. Learn more about the voices behind MSL.

At MSL, we believe there are many routes to success. Here are just a few of the paths reflected in our featured stories: 

  Photo by Jaryd Frankel

Myriad Voices:

We recognize that life is a puzzle, and it's up to each of us to put the pieces together. We are committed to sharing the stories and insights that influencing your journey for the better, rather than define your destination. The guests that we feature aren't professionals or experts in the traditional sense; they're wanderers, just like the rest of us. Though our experiences may differ, the tools and lessons we pass along to one another are universal. 


For us, the term "student" broadly refers to anyone who is committed to self-discovery and improvement. We recognize that the pursuit of knowledge is a never ending journey. We are all students in the "school of life". Through MSL, our readers attain these fundamental insights by exploring life lessons shared by others.

  Photo by Jaryd Frankel
  Photo by Jaryd Frankel

LEadership potential:

At MSL, a leader is anyone who commits themselves to a vision and devotes their life to the fulfillment of that purpose. We believe that leaders are not defined by their titles, but their actions. Leaders take charge of their circumstances, shaping their life stories. By sharing your perspectives with others, you play a crucial part in shaping the lens through which a new generation of stories will be formed.