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Our Vision:

At MSL we seek to build a platform in the dual sense of the word. Platforms serve as pedestals, raising whatever is set or stands upon them into light and focus, in the same way that we seek to share the stories of regular voices from around the globe with an audience of their peers and kindred spirits. And whether you're waiting for a train, a bus, or a boat, platforms also serve as points of congregation in the stages of a journey. Through this site and our growing social media presence, we strive to make MSL a crossroads for travelers on various stages of their life journeys. We're carving out a place to reflect on the experiences and insights of others, as well as a banner to rally under while growing more familiar with your own worldview and setting out on the next great leg of the adventure. Learn more about the voices behind MSL.

The experience we aim to create for our readers, guest authors, and partners boils down to those three monumental letters. MSL stands for: 

"Meet. Share. LIVE."

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Community rests at the heart of who we are. Our approach to leadership development is on the journey, not the destination. By bringing together voices from all walks of life, a myriad of perspectives, we seek to explore all facets of our shared experience. We strive to foster connections between individuals and a broader global community. MSL accomplishes this by building and sustaining a vast social media presence, to not only connect the stories of our guests to a global audience, but also interact with readers across multiple media platforms. Our stories aren't simply to be read, they're intended to spark larger discussions on topics relating to leadership, travel, and wellness, in the hopes of empowering and inspiring others to take action in their own communities or explore others.

We seek to build MSL into a bridge between emerging social enterprises and a community of travelers that seek to incorporate service into their journeys and the larger travel, tourism & hospitality industry.


At MSL, we use the term "student" broadly. In our community, it refers to anyone who is committed to the processes of growth and self-discovery. We recognize that the pursuit of knowledge is a never ending journey. We are all students in the "school of life". Through MSL, our readers attain these fundamental insights by exploring life lessons shared by others.

MSL differs from other leadership programs in the source of its knowledge base. The stories that we feature aren't written by professionals or experts in the traditional sense; they're the musings of wanderers, just like the rest of us. We recognize that everyone has a story to share, and that every story contains valuable life lessons that can help to guide others in their own pursuits of self-discovery. We also appreciate that not everyone will have the time or resources to share their voice with a broader audience beyond their own circle of family and friends. To that end, MSL seeks to build a global platform for individuals to share their experiences and connect with like-minded people from around the world in order to make a bigger impact.

Photo by Jaryd Frankel
Photo by Jaryd Frankel


At the end of the day, YOU are the author of your life story. Our greatest aim at MSL for each of our readers is "empowerment." Whether you elect to share your experiences as a guest author or simply read along, we hope that the stories and discussions fostered across our platforms inspire you to take ownership over your life story and embrace your narrative. We believe that a leader is anyone who commits themselves to a vision and devotes their life to the fulfillment of that purpose. We believe that leaders are not defined by their titles, but their actions. Leaders take charge of their circumstances, shaping their life stories. By sharing your perspectives with others, you play a crucial part in shaping the lens through which a new generation of stories will be formed.