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One Impact, numerous voices.

It started with a single story and blossomed into something spectacular. As he penned his own Memoirs of a Student Leader, Michael D. Johnson and fellow MSL Co-Founder Brittany M. MacLeod set out to create a medium for other young voices to share their experiences.

Are you interested in starting a blog, vlog, or some other large project to express yourself, but don't know how? We want to help you take those crucial first steps.

At MSL, we believe that our stories can be an impactful tool for widespread change, policy discussion, and even personal reflection.


And that includes yours.

Share your thoughts with us on social media with #TellMSL.

Share your thoughts with us on social media with #TellMSL.

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Why MSL?

Because the world is ready to hear your story!

We've established a presence across your mainstream social networks, offering a variety of platforms to share your message with a global audience. 


Because you're not alone in wanting to make an impact!

We are a collection of people like you. MSL shares the stories of "students in the school of life" with representatives from all walks. This isn't a site solely for class presidents and over-achievers, or veteran explorers and established travel bloggers; we believe there are lessons to be learned from travelers, dreamers, and aspiring world-changers of all backgrounds and degrees of experience.


Because everyone needs a cheerleader!

We're here to help you shine. As a member of the MSL blogging community, we will share updates of your achievements and exciting new undertakings (because you rock). MSL is a platform to help you launch that project you've been itching to start or simply share your light with the world.


Because we believe that everyone is a leader (whether they realize it or not)!

Even leaders need a helping hand sometimes. Our team is just an email away to help you connect the dots and give your story a voice.