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Build a Guest Post

Not sure where to start? We'll help you out.

In addition to being a very personal experience, writing about yourself can be just plain hard. How personal do you get? How much do you share? Is there anything about me that's really all that interesting? Where do I even begin?

These are all common questions shared by our past MSL guests. While many of them could go on and on about a particular interest or passion, we all hit a wall when it comes to sharing our own stories.

At MSL, we believe that overcoming this hurdle is an important part of building a stronger dialog on our perspectives, our beliefs, and our experiences to meet our mission of shaping the world through shared stories. To get you started on the path to exploring your narrative, we've created the following "Story Builder". Sketch it out on a sheet of paper or, if you'd like to submit it for consideration as an upcoming guest piece, fill out the sections below and click submit (while all submissions are read, not all posts are selected).

Even on a familiar road, there's nothing wrong with seeking a helping hand.

Name *
Where do you currently call home? MSL has a global audience, so please specify your current nationality as well.
Tell us a bit about yourself. Share whatever you feel comfortable in revealing to paint a clear picture of yourself.
Close your eyes and ask yourself: "What would make me the happiest person in the world right now?" Is it a favorite food? A favorite hobby or activity? A person? Tell us about it.
Tell us about a formative experience that helped you to find your "happy place". Was it through a tough life lesson, or through travel?
To borrow from a favorite musical, "Think of where you are. Think of where you started". Looking back from then to now, how has this seed of happiness impacted your lift?
Now that you've reflected on how this seed of happiness has affected your life, make a prediction for the future. What sort of role will it play in shaping who you are becoming? How will you incorporate it into your current life plan?
Review & Submit *
That's a wrap! You've now completed a five-part personal piece; you put your story into words. If you're interested in having it shared with a broader audience, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. Review the following closely and check out our General Terms before clicking the box below. -Protect your privacy and the privacy of others: Please refrain from using real names in your guest piece to protect the privacy of others. Please review your submission and ensure that others' personal information is omitted prior to submission. -Separate fact from fantasy. At MSLstories, our word is our brand. While fantasy and fictional information is not forbidden, it must be clearly labeled as such. Please make sure that your piece clearly marks expression of fantasy or creative writing, and can otherwise be supported if further verification is requested. -Keep it civil. MSLstories seeks guest pieces that share insights and reflect on personal experiences. Personal attacks and hate speech will not be tolerated or accepted. Please review your piece to ensure its focus is reflective and respectful. -Be our guest. By submitting a piece to MSLstories, you grant us permission to share it on our homepage and across our social media sites, as well as develop promotional materials based of it. This is does not, however, constitute a direct relationship with MSLstories, MSLmedia, or its affiliates. Guest posts are shared on a voluntary basis. Please review our General Terms posted at the bottom of our webpage prior to continuing.